Conferences of Interest!

Upcoming conferences that may be of interest

1. Neurodiversity: Critical Juncture


Friday, March 22nd– Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Emory University,
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

What are the different ways that the humanities and social sciences, scientific research, and community organizations are beginning to explore how multiple social identities–such as race, disability, gender, sexuality, and social class–shape human bodies and human experience?  How can a focus on the intersections of social identity help us understand and influence the social, political, and economic structures in which we live?

CRITICAL JUNCTURE is a conference that seeks to foster discourse on identity, difference and inequality from a variety of cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. This conference invites engaged participation of researchers, scholars, community artists, and organizers whose work focuses on the impact of the relationship between social identities and the contexts within which they form. For more information, click here

2. Neurolaw: SEAL XIV Conference

SEAL XIV Conference

April 5-6, 2013

University of Pennsylvania Law School
Philadelphia, PA

The Society for Evolutionary Analysis in Law (SEAL) is a scholarly association dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary exploration of issues at the intersection of law, biology, and evolutionary theory, improving the models of human behavior relevant to law, and promoting the integration of life science and social science perspectives on law-relevant topics through scholarship, teaching, and empirical research.  Relevant disciplines include, among others, evolutionary and behavioral biology, cognitive science, neuroscience, complex adaptive systems, economics, evolutionary psychology, psychiatry, behavioral ecology, behavioral genetics, primatology, memetics, chaos theory, evolutionary anthropology, and gender relations. SEAL welcomes everyone — professors, students, practitioners, and all others — with serious interests in evolutionary processes and law. SEAL is comprised of over 400 members, from more than 30 countries.  For more information about SEAL, please visit

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