Meet-a-Member: Dr. Tomi Kushner


Dear Friends:

I am a philosopher with a special interest in neuroethics. Until retirement, I served as Clinical Professor of Bioethics in the UCSF/Berkeley Joint Medical Program, teaching bioethics to medical students, other graduate students on the Berkeley campus, and supervising Masters and PhD theses in the School of Public Health. Described below are my current projects and I am happy to extend an invitation for you to join me.

Journals: As founding editor of the CQ, The Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, I’m proud to announce that 2016 marks the journal’s 25th anniversary. Of particular interest to you, will be CQ’s “Neuroethics Now” section that welcomes papers addressing the ethical application of neuroscience in research and patient care, as well as its impact on society.

Another reason to celebrate 2016 is the launching of our new publication, Clinical Neuroethics an annual issue of CQ that will address key issues and questions that are directly relevant to the translation of the brain sciences in clinical medicine and their related application in law and public life. Clinical Neuroethics will bridge a gap in bringing bench and bedside together by taking brain science into the clinical setting. In focusing on the clinical applications of advancing neuroscience and neurotechnology from a multi-disciplinary perspective, Clinical Neuroethics will provide a forum, vector and nexus for deep and meaningful discourse on the issues, questions and problems generated by the intersection of brain science and clinical care.

Manuscript submissions should be sent to: preferably in MS Word and following the CQ guidelines for preparation of manuscripts here.

Conferences: Every summer, I coordinate three bioethics meetings in Paris (1) The Neuroethics Network, hosted by ICM (Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Épinère), convenes neuroscientists, physicians and ethicists to address the key questions and challenges now facing neurosciences and neurotechnologies, (2) The Cambridge Consortium for Bioethics Education, brings together international leaders in bioethics education and focuses on “how to” methods of teaching bioethics, and (3) The International Bioethics Retreat, invites bioethicists to share their current research with colleagues from around the world. In addition to plenary presentations and panel discussions, participants are invited to submit Electronic posters. Details and Registration for the meetings are found on the 3-meeting website:

Clinical Neuroethics Fellowship: As Senior Bioethicist in The Program in Medicine and Human Values, at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, I head a concentrated post-graduate fellowship program focused on training scholars and/or medical practitioners to provide clinical neuroethics consultations in a healthcare setting.

It would be my pleasure to hear from you and give more information on these projects and encourage you to join me.

Very best,
Tomi Kushner

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  1. Reflections on the Neuroethics Network Conference in Paris - Bioethics Research Library

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