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Let’s talk about “Pre-crime”

 Emory Neuroethics Scholars Program Fellow, Cyd Cipolla, recently wrote a piece for The Neuroethics Blog on “precrime”. Cyd is a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies PhD Candidate at Emory and co-taught the course, Feminism, Sexuality, and Neuroethics with Emory Neuroethics Scholar Program Fellow, Kristina Gupta. Her work “examines the role of religious, psychiatric, and popular representation in the creation of violent sex offender legislation in the United States.”  Her piece for The Neuroethics Blog can be read below.

Last month I blogged a little bit about constitutional protection, lie detection technology, and wildly speculative but totally valid concerns about what happens if someone else could tell what I was thinking. As promised, this month I’m going to follow up with some information about “precrime”: what it is, outside of a science-fiction context, what it could become, and what neuroscientific knowledge contributes to the area.

I just really love the cover and wanted to plug the book, ok?
This is a wonderful book; everyone should go read it.

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