Teaching Resources

We’ll be providing a number of videos, readers, and more that can be freely accessed and downloaded for teaching purposes. Please visit often for updates!

I. Course Reader: Feminism Sexuality and Neuroethics: Emerging Undergraduate Scholarship

A collection of undergraduate student papers written by participants in “Feminism, Sexuality and Neuroethics,” a course taught at Emory University in Spring 2012 by graduate student Neuroethics Scholars Program Fellows, Cyd Cipolla and Kristina Gupta. Course administration provided by the departments of Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies of Emory University. Publication edited by Cyd Cipolla and Kristina Gupta. Cover design and content layout by Anjana Kallarackal. Published by the Neuroethics Program of the Center for Ethics at Emory University.

Feminism Sexuality and Neuroethics: Emerging Undergraduate Scholarship

II. Learning Neuroethics Through Debate:

Emory neuroscience graduate students in the Neuroscience: Communication and Ethics Seminar held debates on neuroethical issues of their choosing. The idea behind the debates came from trying to develop better ways for the students to be engaged with concepts of neuroethics. Whereas discussions about neuroethical issues in a classroom often become discussions between the more vocal students and leave quieter students voiceless, the debate format would allow each student a set amount of time to voice their opinions. Instructors arranged an instructional session for the class with Emory’s award winning debate team coach. At the beginning of the semester, the instructors provided a handful of potential debate topics and allowed the students to contribute ideas that they came up with throughout the semester. A few weeks before the debates, the student groups selected the topics they wanted to debate. While a bit daunting, many students found this to be the highlight of their neuroethics modules for the course.

Videos of the debates can be viewed here.

III. Neuroethics Syllabi:

The Center for Neuroscience and Society at Penn has a wonderful syllabi repository for High School Student, Undergraduates, and Graduate Students here.

Graduate level course “Contemporary Issues in Neuroethics” taught at Emory University here.

K-12 Resource developed with The Franklin Institute: https://www.fi.edu/your-brain/neuroscience-and-society-curriculum

IV. Videos

Again a fantastic repository of videos here from the Center for Neuroscience and Society at Penn.

And a very Short Teaching Video produced by undergrads at Emory on Brain Imaging and Lie Detection.

Have some materials you would like to share?  Please email neuroethics@emory.edu

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